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Pontem Product Development Studios

Pontem x Aptos

Pontem is a blockchain product studio building for Aptos and the broader Move ecosystem. We work closely with the Aptos team to produce truly innovative and secure dApps and dev tools that will help onboard the first billion blockchain users. Our ultimate goal is broad financial inclusion through blockchains - and Move is the way to achieve this.

Apart from Pontem Wallet, our products include Liquidswap (the first DEX on Aptos) and Move Code Playground, the first-ever browser code editor for Move. Our ByteBabel product is the first Solidity-to-Move code transpiler, allowing developers to migrate Ethereum-based dApps to Move blockchains like Aptos. We believe it can become the standard for migrating to Move VM deployments from Solidity on all L1s. We also plan to make Move VM compatible with legacy virtual machines like EVM to enable easy deployment with a Solidity or Vyper codebase.