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Pontem Wallet

Welcome to the Pontem Wallet documentation. It will help you understand how to integrate Pontem Wallet into your project and how to interact with it.


You can find the current version of the wallet in the Google Chrome Store or Firefox Addons, while the latest version is always available in the Releases section on Github.

Download from Chrome StoreDownload from GithubDownload from Firefox AddonsDownload from Chrome StoreDownload from GithubDownload from Firefox Addons

Use the Github release to make sure that you have all the recent changes and bug fixes, as it takes time for the latest version to reach Chrome Store due to Google's review policy.



Pontem Wallet has also been released as a mobile app for iOS. You can download it from App Store.

The mobile wallet has most of the features of the extension. We are working to integrate the missing features in the iOS app as soon as possible to maintain a smooth user experience.
Our mobile wallet is also secure, according to the OtterSec auditor. You can download a detailed audit from the link.

Why Pontem Wallet

Our wallet makes life easier for Aptos blockchain users. In addition to standard features like sending crypto, we have implemented NFT management, a native Topaz integration (buying top NFTs at floor prices), a liquid staking integration with Ditto, Aptos Names support, and even a feature to buy cryptocurrency.

You can learn more about these features from the user guide.


Pontem Wallet is designed to provide maximum protection for your data. We do not collect your personal data, IP addresses, passwords, mnemonics, or private keys.

Your wallet data is stored in an encrypted form. If you lose access to your device, an attacker will not be able to access your wallet without knowing the password.

Our wallet has been audited by the leading information security companies,
Halborn and Zellic.

Download Zellic Audit
Audit from Halborn will appear here soon


Account Management

We use Keyring-based data storage to manage accounts. This allows you to add new ways to manage your account. For example, you can connect your Ledger to our wallet and sign transactions on a hardware device.

We do not send data to any server: whatever happens in the wallet, stays in the wallet.

The initial account is created using the Derivation Path m/44'/637'/0'/0'/0' according to the Aptos Accounts Standard. All subaccounts are created using the m/44'/637'/x'/0'/0' Derivation Path.

There is also a way to import accounts using their respective private keys.

Hardware Wallets


Pontem Wallet supports Ledger hardware wallets. Refer to the article for details on setting up Ledger in Pontem wallet.

When you use a Ledger device with our wallet, we never receive its private keys or mnemonic phrase. All this information is stored only on the Ledger itself.


Pontem's Ledger App is currently undergoing a security review by the Ledger team.


You can easily manage (view, buy, send, receive) your NFTs in Pontem Wallet.

We are natively integrated with the Topaz NFT marketplace, where you can browse the top NFT collections on Aptos. Pontem's own two NFT collections (Space Pirates and Dark Ages) have been released on Topaz.